Sunday, 2 December 2012

Interview with J.L. Rowling

This is the full transcript of my interview with J.L. Rowling the famous author of books for children who like magic, and posh schools.

Did you steal the Harry Potter character from another author?

No, I did not. My book doesn't contain a character called Harry Potter.

I think you will find it does Ms. Rowling. In fact all your books have a character called Harry Potter in them. All except the new rubbish one.

I have only written one book Mr. Walker, and that contains no mention of a Harry Potter.


You are obviously a sick man Mr. Walker who is in need of psychiatric help.

Me mad? You're a crazy women. I offer you the chance to appear on my Blog to discuss your overrated Potter books, and you deny ever writing them.

Mr. Walker, my name is J.L. Rowling, and I have written a book about sheep farming in a convent which is entitled "Bar Nun."

Well why didn't you say so before?

I'm leaving now.