Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My Interview with Vivien Ella Walden

Welcome Vivien. Your amazing memoir "Eating From The Cherry Tree" is getting five star reviews so I would like to thank you very much indeed for agreeing to be interviewed by me.

(Gary) Can you describe your book in one sentence?

(Vivien) That would be impossible, two years of writing my life story to date? Not in my life time!
Reliving the truth proved harder than I had thought the flood of imagery was amazing.  From memories of childlike innocence to stripper, call girl, hooker and madam.  This is a memoir not only graphically explicit and sexually shocking, it is also surprisingly sweetly normal, as it entwines nostalgic memories of a life hard lived and well spent.
You could never put all that in once sentence.

(Gary) What is your favourite chapter?

(Vivien) Definitely Chapter 11. The Seduction Of The Steel Tips.
Sexual control tinged with the thrill of the unexpected.  Recalling Billy, who was to become my first husband. His expertise of experimenting sexually with me and the power of his control, the thought still gets my juices flowing.  It is a situation that most women would love to identify with.

(Gary) Do you have any advice to aspiring memoir writers?

(Vivien) Take a bottle of your favourite wine into a quiet room, relax and let your mind drift back in time, you will see how easy it becomes to get the picture of the past.

(Gary) What made you write your memoir?

(Vivien) Oh, it was definitely my forced retirement from my Gentlemen’s Club (Brothel). It gave me plenty of time to reflect on how my life had come to this stage. Plus the many requests from those that thought my life story needed to be read, and they only knew a fraction of it. Along with that was the need to make a contribution into the legalising of prostitution, something I believe in deeply and is so very necessary, especially in today’s climate. Finally was my thought that at the time E. L. James had a huge success with her novel Fifty Shades Of Grey, her story was fiction, mine was fact. Which is so much more intriguing!

(Gary) Who inspired your writing style?   

(Vivien) Truthfully, the answer is me, and only me.  I have to admit, more to my shame, I have never been an avid book reader.  But now through writing I have discovered a love of books in all genres. It’s never too late to discover and learn!

(Gary) What did your writing area look like?

(Vivien) Please don’t laugh, but imagine me as a novice writer, sat at my kitchen table with paper and pen, and an ancient notepad, scribbling away to my hearts content with two very attention seeking puppies lapping at my feet.  Add to that the telephone ringing ten to the dozen, so annoying!  Plus the odd friend or two popping in on a regular basis, unannounced.  How did I ever complete my book!

(Gary) When we see you on Twitter, most of the tweets are arousing, are you teasing future readers to buy your story?

(Vivien) Absolutely!  The writing naturally became erotic and encouraged me to go deeper and more explicit.  I was stimulating myself while stimulating my future readers, what fun!

(Gary) In the female domination chapters, your writing is often brutal, the men totally turned on with humiliation. What in your opinion is the reason for this?

(Vivien) In my experience as a working girl and then madam in the sex industry, without a doubt the reason goes back to their childhood.  A strict upbringing with a dominant parent, especially a mother, where spanking was inflicted, turned that pain into pleasure and those experiences were carried into their adult life until it was something that they couldn't live without. I had witnessed many a man taking a whipping from a girl while he begged her to go harder, harder. A clever girl knew never to draw blood. This type of ‘client’ always left to return again for more.

(Gary) Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

(Vivien)  Thank you for reading me!  Thank you for your reviews, for reading about me on this blog. and last but not least, a big thanks to my Twitter followers.  Respect to you all!

(Gary) Good luck with your wonderful book Vivien, and once again many thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Much appreciated.

You can follow Vivien Ella Walden on Twitter HERE and buy here book at "Look 4 Books."