Friday, 25 April 2014

Follow These Wonderful Authors

All these wonderful authors have their books featured at Look 4 Books If you love reading and want to keep up with all the latest news from these writers you should follow them on Twitter, so I have compiled a list of their Twitter links. All you have to do is click on the highlighted links and then follow the author of your choice.

Jordan Silver,

Mason N. Forbes,

Taylor Fulks,

Vicki Case,

Madalyn Morgan,

Catherine Taylor,

Jane V. Blanchard,

Lizzie Lamb,

Shani Struthers,

Felicity Brandon,

Anne James,

Anne Allen,

Kayleigh King,

David King,

Adrian L. Youseman,

Fiza Pathan,

Shirley Ford,

Margaret K. Johnson,

H.H. Durrant,

Mary Elizabeth Coen,

June Kearns,

J.P. McLean,

Tina K. Burton,

Shereen Vedam,

T.A. Garcia,

Betsy Reavley,

Stewart Bint,

Mark Pettinger,

Terri Nixon,

Elizabeth Ashworth,

Pauline Barclay,

Allison Bruning,

Jenny Twist,

Nancy Jardine,

Erica Dakin,

T.D. Jones,

Elizabeth Ducie,

D.S. Affleck,

Catriona King,

Marcia Turner,

Gilli Allan,

Gil McDonald,

Jonathan Whitelaw,

Steven J. Smith,

Sarah Jane Butfield,

Terry Tyler,

Sherry Silver,

Ellis Shuman,

C.S. Dixon,

Louisa Toff,

Bette Lee Crosby,

Bill Ward,

Hanifa Danyal,

David Balzarini,

Vanessa Wester,

Devan Sagliani,

J.C. Mells,

Jenna Fox,

Jan Ryder,

Hayley Lugassy,

J.J. Marshall,

Anna Cartman,

Diem Burden,

Bev Spicer,

Gail Machin,

Arlene Valle,

Gillian Jackson,

Robyn Oyeniyi,

W.P. Smith,

Maureen Turner,

Sherrie Lowe,

Kathryn L.M. Reynolds,

David P. Perlmutter,

Pol McShane,

I.V. Phillips,

Jess Sturman-Coombs,

Morgan Nyberg,

M.E. Oren,

V.T. Vaughn,

Laurie Breton,

C.J. Birch,

Jill Edmondson,

Kathryne Arnold,

S.J. Wardell,

Jonathan Hill,

Lucy Magnuson,

Cody F. Fonseca,

Richard Wall,

Elaine R. Chissick,

Nick C. Roberts,

Edward Ian Kendrick,

Richard Johnson,

Adriano Bulla,

I.C. Camilleri,

Massimo Marino,

S.L. Lewis,

Patrick Barrett,

Kelly Miller,

E.B. Sullivan,

Emma Styles,

Mark King,

David Jester,

Phebe Bodelle,

J. Yates,

Shirley Hyde Kenyon,

Nathan Dylan Goodwin,

Paul Hollis,

Will Hane,

Jessie B. Tyson,

Elena M. Reyes,

Sarah Swainson,

Zanna Mackenzie,

Marc Nash,

Anne Kramer,

M.K. Alexander,

Larry Quartley,

Carolyn Mandache,

Jo Bunt,

D.J. Bowman-Smith,

Ranier Keyes,

Jackie McMahon,

N.A. Randall,

Tracy Lane,

Dr. Glen Hepker,

Andrew Lennon,

Ben Hatch,

Eichin Chang-Lim,

Lana Axe,

Karynne Summars,

Eric Cobb Miller,

A.J. Salem,

Sarah LeFleur,

Tim Baker,

Christy Golding,

Josef Stein,

Michael Joseph,

Tom Immins,

Thomas Ferreolus,

Frances Di Plino,

Carol Holland March,

Renee Rose,

The English Sisters,

David Stringer,

Calvin Wade,

Ella Dominguez,

Claudia Y. Burgoa,

Jay Allan Storey,

Carol Hedges,

Katrina Cope,

Michelle W. Miller,

Tony Riches,

Ryan Parmenter,

Russ Brown,

Tracy Falbe,

Amanda Green,

Jonathan Robinson,

Robert Leigh,

Kimberlee Jane,

Shauney Watson,


Michelle Abbott,

Sabrina Devonshire,

Clare Wilson,

Natalie D. Wilson,

Kris Campbells,

Susan Marmo,

Bonnie Bartel Latino,

Graeme Gibson,

Suzy Ayers,

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