Monday, 14 April 2014

WORLD Promotional Tour

This is a rough draft of my plan for Look 4 Books world domination in the field of Indie Author promotion.
Firstly it would mean me travelling around the globe meeting the authors featured on the site. As I'm broke, each author would have to put me up in their home for the duration of my stay, and pay for my flight. They would also have to get a loud speaker system attached to their car, then drive me around their local town while I informed their neighbours of how great Look 4 Books was.
The length of my stay with each author will probably depend on where you lived, how nice your house was, and the quality of food on offer etc. If any of my authors live in Hull, England, I might not even bother visiting.

This obviously still needs a bit of thought before making it a definite plan, but in my HUMBLE opinion it seems like the way to go. It will be a lot of hard work on my part, but I honestly think it would be worth it for the sake of all you wonderful authors. Let me know what you think of my plan in the comments box below.


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