Wednesday, 3 December 2014

NHS Devon

Before you carrying on reading what I have written here I should acknowledge that I'm not a full set of bricks.

After reading today that NHS Devon have decided not to undertake any non-lifesaving operations on smokers or the obese I would like to recommend that all smokers and fat people in Devon immediately stop paying their National Insurance Contribution. That will mean NHS Devon can't treat the skinny non-smokers either, saving them a fortune because they won't have anyone alive in Devon.

Vote for me.

Gary Walker 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

One Free Book Poster

Today I have decided to design a free book marketing poster for one lucky independently published author. So if you would like to be that Indie Author let me know why you would like me to design a poster for you in the Comment box below. The best comment wins.
You can view some of the posters I have already designed here

Friday, 25 April 2014

Follow These Wonderful Authors

All these wonderful authors have their books featured at Look 4 Books If you love reading and want to keep up with all the latest news from these writers you should follow them on Twitter, so I have compiled a list of their Twitter links. All you have to do is click on the highlighted links and then follow the author of your choice.

Jordan Silver,

Mason N. Forbes,

Taylor Fulks,

Vicki Case,

Madalyn Morgan,

Catherine Taylor,

Jane V. Blanchard,

Lizzie Lamb,

Shani Struthers,

Felicity Brandon,

Anne James,

Anne Allen,

Kayleigh King,

David King,

Adrian L. Youseman,

Fiza Pathan,

Shirley Ford,

Margaret K. Johnson,

H.H. Durrant,

Mary Elizabeth Coen,

June Kearns,

J.P. McLean,

Tina K. Burton,

Shereen Vedam,

T.A. Garcia,

Betsy Reavley,

Stewart Bint,

Mark Pettinger,

Terri Nixon,

Elizabeth Ashworth,

Pauline Barclay,

Allison Bruning,

Jenny Twist,

Nancy Jardine,

Erica Dakin,

T.D. Jones,

Elizabeth Ducie,

D.S. Affleck,

Catriona King,

Marcia Turner,

Gilli Allan,

Gil McDonald,

Jonathan Whitelaw,

Steven J. Smith,

Sarah Jane Butfield,

Terry Tyler,

Sherry Silver,

Ellis Shuman,

C.S. Dixon,

Louisa Toff,

Bette Lee Crosby,

Bill Ward,

Hanifa Danyal,

David Balzarini,

Vanessa Wester,

Devan Sagliani,

J.C. Mells,

Jenna Fox,

Jan Ryder,

Hayley Lugassy,

J.J. Marshall,

Anna Cartman,

Diem Burden,

Bev Spicer,

Gail Machin,

Arlene Valle,

Gillian Jackson,

Robyn Oyeniyi,

W.P. Smith,

Maureen Turner,

Sherrie Lowe,

Kathryn L.M. Reynolds,

David P. Perlmutter,

Pol McShane,

I.V. Phillips,

Jess Sturman-Coombs,

Morgan Nyberg,

M.E. Oren,

V.T. Vaughn,

Laurie Breton,

C.J. Birch,

Jill Edmondson,

Kathryne Arnold,

S.J. Wardell,

Jonathan Hill,

Lucy Magnuson,

Cody F. Fonseca,

Richard Wall,

Elaine R. Chissick,

Nick C. Roberts,

Edward Ian Kendrick,

Richard Johnson,

Adriano Bulla,

I.C. Camilleri,

Massimo Marino,

S.L. Lewis,

Patrick Barrett,

Kelly Miller,

E.B. Sullivan,

Emma Styles,

Mark King,

David Jester,

Phebe Bodelle,

J. Yates,

Shirley Hyde Kenyon,

Nathan Dylan Goodwin,

Paul Hollis,

Will Hane,

Jessie B. Tyson,

Elena M. Reyes,

Sarah Swainson,

Zanna Mackenzie,

Marc Nash,

Anne Kramer,

M.K. Alexander,

Larry Quartley,

Carolyn Mandache,

Jo Bunt,

D.J. Bowman-Smith,

Ranier Keyes,

Jackie McMahon,

N.A. Randall,

Tracy Lane,

Dr. Glen Hepker,

Andrew Lennon,

Ben Hatch,

Eichin Chang-Lim,

Lana Axe,

Karynne Summars,

Eric Cobb Miller,

A.J. Salem,

Sarah LeFleur,

Tim Baker,

Christy Golding,

Josef Stein,

Michael Joseph,

Tom Immins,

Thomas Ferreolus,

Frances Di Plino,

Carol Holland March,

Renee Rose,

The English Sisters,

David Stringer,

Calvin Wade,

Ella Dominguez,

Claudia Y. Burgoa,

Jay Allan Storey,

Carol Hedges,

Katrina Cope,

Michelle W. Miller,

Tony Riches,

Ryan Parmenter,

Russ Brown,

Tracy Falbe,

Amanda Green,

Jonathan Robinson,

Robert Leigh,

Kimberlee Jane,

Shauney Watson,


Michelle Abbott,

Sabrina Devonshire,

Clare Wilson,

Natalie D. Wilson,

Kris Campbells,

Susan Marmo,

Bonnie Bartel Latino,

Graeme Gibson,

Suzy Ayers,

Saturday, 19 April 2014

An Angry Michael Moorcock

This is a letter from Michael Moorcock published in the June, 1977, issue of Books and Bookmen.

I might take poor old Duncan Fallowell's criticism of myself and other writers more seriously if there was ever any evidence he had read (or understood) the books he reviews. A few weeks ago I had final confirmation of my suspicions when I came across several of my own books for sale in a local shop a good many weeks before publication and only about a week after they had gone out for review. One of the books still had uncut pages. The person who had sold them to the shop was, it emerged, none other than Duncan Fallowell. If he thinks the writers he mentions lack experience I'm not sure what constitutes experience in Fallowell's terms. One of the writers mentioned experienced the fire-bombing of Dresden; another spent six years of his adolescence in a Japanese prison camp; another pulled himself out of a quite awe-inspiring addiction to 'hard' drugs; another is homosexual and has had years of trauma....But the distinctive mark of the 'New Worlds' writer, if there is one (none of these writers ever see one another more than once a year at the most!) is their use of irony to handle their experience. And irony, of course, is what bewildered old Fallowell can't grasp. He's not alone. And that's the saddest fact of all. Langdon Jones is, I'd agree, a very fine writer (and would be astonished to learn that he's working he's working as a caretaker in Wales) who has written some excellent ironic pieces ('Ludwig van Beethoven II', for instance) but by and large his style is direct, as Peake's is, and doesn't make a great use of irony, in the prose at any rate. But it's silly to go on. Suffice to say that if Fallowell continues to do his work so unconscientiously (never quoting to prove his cases, I note) I'll be happy to provide him not only with a bit of my angst but also to demonstrate the skill I picked up somewhere in my uneventful life of breaking knee-caps with iron bars. I could always, if he'd prefer, horsewhip him with any one of my wide selection of crops. Anyway, I'll do him some sort of violence, on principle, if he ever pretends to review my books again.

Michael Moorcock

Monday, 14 April 2014

WORLD Promotional Tour

This is a rough draft of my plan for Look 4 Books world domination in the field of Indie Author promotion.
Firstly it would mean me travelling around the globe meeting the authors featured on the site. As I'm broke, each author would have to put me up in their home for the duration of my stay, and pay for my flight. They would also have to get a loud speaker system attached to their car, then drive me around their local town while I informed their neighbours of how great Look 4 Books was.
The length of my stay with each author will probably depend on where you lived, how nice your house was, and the quality of food on offer etc. If any of my authors live in Hull, England, I might not even bother visiting.

This obviously still needs a bit of thought before making it a definite plan, but in my HUMBLE opinion it seems like the way to go. It will be a lot of hard work on my part, but I honestly think it would be worth it for the sake of all you wonderful authors. Let me know what you think of my plan in the comments box below.


Book Poster Slideshow

A slideshow showing just a few of the hundreds of promotional book posters I have created for the wonderful authors featured at Look 4 Books

Monday, 17 February 2014

Book Cover Creation

After spending the last 6 months or so creating Posters for the authors featured at my website Look 4 Books I have decided to offer a book cover design service. If you would like me to create a cover for a new book you are publishing, or just want a more eye catching cover for a book you have already published please don't hesitate to contact me. You can do this either via my Twitter account, or by Email.  My fee for this service is £35.00. Please do not send any payment until you are totally happy with your book cover.
Below are a few examples of my work.

Many thanks

Gary Walker