Monday, 10 May 2010

The Sage of Canudos by Lucien Marchal

My review.

It is a full, rich tale, founded on the life of Antonio Conseliheiro, a mixed-breed hinterlander in north-eastern Brazil, who revolted against the brutal life of his people, who recognized no law but that of the gun and the knife.
Sickly in health, he early showed signs of violent religious emotion, a sort of sublimation of the blood-lusts to which he had been born. Penetrating inland, he founded the holy city of Canudos, to which the superstitous, the simple minded, the mystics, as well as the outcasts and the thugs gravitated in such numbers, and with such incoherence, that a reign of terror resulted, so that the Brazilian Government had to send an army to wipe out this anti-social phenomenon.
This is the theme which the Belgium author has handled in detail, with characterization that is heroic, primitive, and as vigorous as the theme demands; all action, no comment.
I enjoyed it immensely.