Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Ideal Inn

A big brewery firm has started a new kind of tavern where comfort will be the first consideration. Nothing could be better. The average public-house offers you drink unlimited, but good food never. In this new tavern there will be no bar lounging. There is a flower-decked veranda, dancing if you please, and games of skill. The usual habit of those who know of a perfect inn is not to give the address. This of course, is mere selfishness; the inn I speak of has been started at Bellingham, near Catford. The attributes of a good inn are a good joint of cold roast beef, home-cured bacon, good cheese, and well-flavoured butter. In how many inns in England to-day can these simple things be obtained? I intend to sample the "Fellowship Inn" at Catford.

This was taken from the John O'London's Weekly of July 26, 1924.