Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Literary News from December 10, 1927

These snippets of literary news have been taken from the John O'London's Weekly issue of this date.

Mr. E.V. Lucas is off to Rio for a couple of months. He has not been at all well lately.

Mr. James Stephens, the Irish novelist, is to make London his permanent home. Hitherto he has spent his time between Dublin, Paris and Wembley.

The world's best selling novel is now said to be Edward Noyes Westcott's "David Harum," the sales of which have touched the twenty million mark in the United States, after twenty years continuous selling. The author was a clerk in a small American town.

"The Secret of the Creek" is to be the title of the next novel by Victor Bridges. The scene is laid in Suffolk.

Mr. J.B. Morton (better known to Daily Express readers as "Beachcomber") is, I hear, engaged on a novel which will deal very largely with the Irish Rebellion of 1916.