Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Review of "Dream Man" by Pamela Wynne

Wife-Beater as Hero
As a very young girl, Monica had permitted herself to daydream of a future husband who would sometimes beat her, sometimes love her, and always treat her like a slave. In Sir Gregory Fanshawe, the big, handsome airman she finds the man of her dreams. Later in the story Monica flirts with an Indian Rajah but her husband beats her until she stops. Then the Rajah abducts her and she is wrecked on an island in the Indian Ocean, but her dream man airman husband drops from the clouds to her rescue. Miss Pamela Wynne tells this strange story of love and adventure so naturally, with such artistry, with such intimate knowledge of her settings, that it convinces and very often charms.

If this novel was written today I'm not convinced it would find a publisher brave enough to take it on.