Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spot On The Wall

Monday: I noticed a black spot on my bedroom wall this morning. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there last night. It's not a big spot but I really can't think how it got there. I'm going to try and ignore it.
Tuesday: I could not ignore it any longer so I decided to try and wash it off the wall. I sprayed some cleaning fluid on the spot and wiped it with a cloth. The spot has now gone.
Wednesday: The black spot has come back but this time it is slightly larger. Not sure if I should learn to live with it. I'm a little concerned.
Thursday: Last night I tried to clean off the black spot but every time I wiped it the spot got bigger. This morning half my wall is black, and the blackness is beginning to spread across the ceiling.
Friday: Slept on the sofa in the lounge last night. Woke up to find the whole house had turned black. I think it has now seeped inside my head. I won't be writing in this diary any ...........