Sunday, 30 September 2012

Early Science Books

I will be posting a large number of interesting very early science related title-pages for your enjoyment.
No.1. My attempt at translating old English. A Prognostication Everlasting of Right Good Effect ... At The End Plain, Brief, Pleasant, Rules to Judge the Weather. Written by Leonard Digges, and published in 1556.

No.2. De Zee-Atlas, Ofte Water-Weereld. By Pieter Goos. Published in Amsterdam in 1666.

No.3. Monalosphaerum by Jean-Francois Fernel. Published in 1526. The monalosphaerum could be used for astronomical and time measurements, and for finding height and distances in surveying. Apparently.

No.4. Globe Du Monde by Simon Girault. Published in 1592. The text, in dialogue form, contains an account of the discovery of America.

No.5. De Magnete by William Gilbert. Published by Peter Short in 1600. An important presentation copy of the first major English scientific treatise based on experimental methods of research, and which is the foundation of electrical science.

No.6. Salt-Water Sweetened; Or, a True Account of the Great Advantages of this new Invention both by Sea and by Land. By Robert Fitzgerald. Published William Cademan, in 1683.

No.7. Subtensial Plain Trigonometry, Wrought with a Sliding-Rule, with Gunter's Lines: And Also Arithmetically, in a Very Concise Manner... By Thomas Abel, of Bourn in Lincolnshire. Printed and Sold for the Author, by Andrew Steuart, 1761.

No.8. Arithmeticall Navigation: Or, an Order therof; Compiled and Published for the Advancement of Navigation. By Thomas Addison, Practitioner in the Art of Navigation. Printed for Nathaniel Gosse at Radcliffe, in 1625.

I will post some more scanned images on here over the coming weeks.