Thursday, 13 September 2012

Kingsley Amis Interview

This short extract of an interview with Kingsley Amis is taken from the May, 1984 issue of Books and Bookmen. Mr. Amis was slightly the worse for drink at the time.

"I hate getting down to it, the writing I mean. And then as soon as I'm up there in my study, at the typewriter, it's a case of, 'You fool, don't you realise that even if this is not the only thing you're good at, at any rate it is the only thing you enjoy - well, getting pissed with your mates you enjoy - but it's the only meaningful activity you enjoy.' - 'Oh yes,' I say back to myself...And it's more than just an activity. In a way it makes things comprehensible...if this isn't getting too fine spun, but (pause) Writing fiction (pause) takes for granted (pause) that (pause) there is some sense in life. And there isn't any sense in life. But if that's all you thought, you'd go mad. So there's this illusion that life has meaning which fiction encourages. And all the great novels, and not necessarily just the great novels, say or imply a pattern in events. You get this wonderful feeling of being Lord of Creation, well described in one of the Renaissance critics. He was talking about poetry, but it comes to the same thing. 'The poet makes for himself a new Nature. He also will create worlds.'''

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