Friday, 23 November 2012

Interview with William Shakespeare

Yesterday I was contacted by a medium going by the name of Madame Sharlatane who informed me that the bard himself, Mr. William Shakespeare had spoken to her, and requested that she find someone that would interview him. He told Madame Sharlatane that he had been turning in his grave ever since God had shown him some of the 5 Star reviews received by a large number of self-published authors on Amazon. He informed Ms. Sharlatane that he had never once in his entire literary career got more than a 4 Star review. He had become quite agitated while chatting to Ms. Sharlatane about the 2 Star review he had been awarded for Romeo and Juliet. He insisted that it was well worth 3 Stars, even though he accepted that the plot was a little far-fetched.
I was intending to interview Will tonight, but he has decided to go drinking with Keith Moon instead. He has told Ms. Sharlatane that if he's not too hungover tomorrow he will do the interview late afternoon, after he has watched the football.

To be continued