Monday, 30 September 2013

Lowestoft Tweets

I have decided to keep a record on here of some of the more highbrow tweets that the residents of the most easterly town in the UK post on Twitter.

Lowestoft the town that time forgot.

28 Sep
I'm at Lowestoft Cruising Club (Lowestoft, Suffolk)

Lowestoft college her I come init

In lowestoft aka fav town.

Brandon and Kieran walk in with blood shot eyes and stink of weed Welcome to lowestoft college.

Anyone know wether Lowestoft teachers are on strike tomorrow

Fucking hate lowestoft shitty town

Fuck. Only just caught my train. Back to shitty Lowestoft. Been a great weekend!

Dear dog walkers, pick up your fucking dog shit!

Night out in lowestoft different !!!!!

Lowestoft sluts... Oh mate, so grimey.

the thought of going back to lowestoft actually depresses me 

Lowestoft- "the one place in the uk that's more than two hours from the nearest motorway link to the rest of the country"

Word on the street is ryan sharman has the biggest collection of jailbait in lowestoft

To be continued.