Sunday, 7 October 2012

1902 Real Golf

A fascinating original advertising feature from my 1902 issue of "The Connoisseur" magazine which shows a new invention by Anderson, Anderson & Anderson, Ltd, Real Golf, the Varsity Home Golfer. It states that Complete Sets, with all requisites.
The "St. Andrew's" (recommended) £5.0.0 Without Board & Thumb Screws, £4.4.0. The "Hoylake," £3.15.0. Without Board & Thumb Screws, £3.0.0. The "Westward Ho!" £2.5.0. The "Oceanic" for Steamers, £7.0.0. The "Solent" for Yachts, £5.0.0. The "Pension" for Clubs, Hotels, Hydros, Boarding Houses, Colleges, Schools, etc, £5.0.0.

I would have been a little concerned about buying any indoor game that required "thumb screws."