Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Great Old Advertising

These wonderful old advertising features are taken from the 1919 issues of John O'London's Weekly.

It Pays to be Tall

Short people are snubbed and overlooked.
By my simple private method you can add several inches to your 
height without violent exercises, without apparatus.
No risk or strain.
Full particulars free if you write at once mentioning John O'London, 
and enclose stamp for postage - John Edison, Ltd., 87, Great George Street, Leeds.


Health and happiness are impossible where nerve weakness exists. 
My FREE BOOK (intensely interesting) shows how lassitude, 
depression, all nerve, stomach, or heart weakness, irritability, 
brain fag, self-consciousness, etc., may be positively cured, under guarantee. 
My treatment succeeds when all else has failed. BE EFFICIENT! 
Stop failing, and become the success you were meant to be. 
Enclose 2 stamps, mention ailment. Sympathetic and expert reply by return. DO IT NOW!
(Dept, J.O.L.) 74, Clarendon Rd.,
Putney, London, S.W.15.