Monday, 8 October 2012

The Voice of the Heavens

This happy little article is from the 1934 edition of Raphael's Prophetic Messenger.

October, 1934.

"There are some very violent influences found during this month. The first week comes in with Mars in opposition to Saturn, which foreshadows the destruction of buildings by fire, misfortune to Government buildings, robbery of banks and very brutal crimes. An important State official meets violence and causes a sensation. An outrage will mark a racecourse and some place of pleasure will be destroyed by fire.
The Stock markets of the continental nations are likely to experience a sensational crash and the finances of the world are likely to be unstable and alarming.
Very terrible happenings and disasters will affect cities in the Northern-Central part of the USA., Germany, Baluchistan, Afghanistan, and Manchuria.
Sudden sensational crimes will astonish the world and some remarkable series of murders will cause alarm.
Uranus now shows an entire change of the world monetary system of values, and in many parts chaos and confusions. The whole month is marred by terrible and remarkable accidents.
A new invention in films, postal, and telephone services will attract attention. Some remarkable invention for the deaf is about to be made public and very rapid developments in the air are accompanied by a whole crop of accidents and fatalities.
Germany, Poland, and the Balkans are under war influences."

It really wasn't worth getting out of bed during October, 1934.